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During his 29 year Corporate career, and now as an executive coach, Richard has provided performance coaching and established skills in helping Executives, Leaders & Employees deliver improved results through areas such as:

1) Aligning their organisation though effective strategy deployment and execution.

2) Delivering improved performance through visual performance management and application of the ADI Fundamentals of Delivery.

3) Improving continuously the clients’ own performance, their teams and that of their organisation. 

All based on the synergistic principles of Lean, Project and Change Management defined into 6 Fundamentals of Delivery applied via well developed coaching & teaching skills.

His work on Organisational Change, has recently been published, in the book “Contagious Commitment at Work" Applying the Tipping Point to Organisational Change” by Andrea Shapiro, Ph.D.

He has a Master Degree from Cambridge University in ‘Manufacturing & Leadership’ along with an Honours Degree in Chemistry. This has enabled him to become a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry as well as a Chartered Chemist.  

His skills include being a 'Job-Plus Coach' & Master-Coach, Kepnor-Tregoe trained Problem Solving specialist, Senn Delany Leadership Edge Facilitator, Creating Contagious Commitment (Tipping Point) Facilitator, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Facilitator, British Quality Foundation (BQF) Quality Awards Assessor and holds a Nebosh General Certificate.

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Our client engagement process is designed  to ensure their is a 'chemistry' fit to the coaching relationship. While our approach is to  'teach you to fish for life rather than give you a fish to feed you for a day' with all the skills and habits  needed to  succeed. 

Based in London, however our work has taken us to all over the Globe.

Contact us today about how we can support your growth, increase  your turnover, and put you on a solid track to fulfilment, success and high performance.

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