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Six ADI Fundamentals


The Accelerating Delivery & Improvement (ADI) Fundamentals are a proven formula for business improvement success. Based on the functional expertise of Change Management, Project Management and Lean Sigma distilled down into the 6 Fundamentals and 50 basic tools & approaches. The Six Fundamentals are: 

  1. Voice of the Stakeholder
  2. Change Approach
  3. Planning & Implementation
  4. Visual Performance Management 
  5. Problem Solving
  6. High Performing Team

The habits of success can be gained via consulting workshops or personal coaching and apply to all aspects of your business.

Creating Contagious Commitment


Ever wondered why some ideas rapidly spread across the whole of the organisation, however most others just wither and die ? The Creating Contagious Commitment Change Management framework enables you to plan for and execute to achieve a Tipping point for your change across the whole organisation. 

Spend a day with us utilising the Creating Contagious Commitment methodology & simulator to create a Tipping plan for your change and virally change your Organisation effectively and efficiently. This consulting intervention can be re-enforced through coaching to ensure you maintain the momentum needed for your transformational change.

High Performing Team


Want to Lead or be part of a team that delivers more than you thought possible and enjoy it in the process. 

We provide consulting and coaching to develop teams based on the Lecioni's 5 critical success factors: trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and results. Underpinned by deep understanding of what motivates individuals, their social styles and how to prevent getting into unwarranted conflict. Leading to a high performing team with incredible results. 

Align through Strategy Deployment


Feeling frustrated that your Organisation pulls in so many different directions, with so many competing goals and priorities ? 

Through tailored consulting interventions we help you answer the 4 critical questions for effective strategy deployment

1) Where are we going ? 

To define the True North of the Organisation or Team

2) How will we get there ? 

The strategies defined via A3 planning techniques

3) What's the action plan ? 

Definition of the projects needed for success

4) Are we winning or Losing ? 

Performance management of the plan and the relevant Key Performance Indicators.

Strategy deployment business improvement interventions are tailor made and underpinned by a comprehensive diagnostic tool so you can see and take action on the critical aspects. Follow up to achieve the desired results cab be provided through coaching.

Book link


Why not read  "Contagious Commitment at Work" by Andrea Shapiro available from Amazon.  

How the use of the "Creating Contagious Commitment" Change Management methodology that has transformed Organisations to achieve a Tipping Point.

On pages 65 to 69 there is a case study on the ADP application used within a Global Pharmaceutical Company written by myself - Richard Hay. Contact me for a tailored consulting intervention to help develop the change lever actions required for your business transformation.

Deliver through Visual Performance Management


Can you answer the question - "are you winning or losing" as quickly as a sports player on a field looking at a scoreboard ? Then maybe it's time to do some business improvement on your Performance Management System.

There are two dimensions to performance management; run the business and improve the business and both need attention.

Though consulting or coaching interventions we help Organisations and Teams improve their performance management through application of the critical aspects of performance: the goals, the lead measures, the plan, the problem solving, the performance review meeting itself and the required behaviours to drive success.


Your Executive Coach: Richard Hay has over 29 years of experience working for a major blue chip Pharmaceutical Organisation in a variety of positions including; Manufacturing Site Director, Senior Internal Business Improvement Consultant & Director of Knowledge Management. 

He also has 18 months experience working for one on the largest INGO’s leading their Global Business Improvement Programme involving the application of improved ways of working at all levels of the organisation from CEO’s to the front line.

Andrea Shapiro recently published his work on organisational change in the book "contagious commitment at work'".

He has provided coaching and consulting support to all levels of organisations from CEO & CFO's to front line staff.

Why Me?

The ADI Fundamentals are a proven business improvement framework that drive: improved results, continuous improvement, staff engagement & empowerment and increased morale, in all sectors of Operation from large PLC's to Charitable organisations.

Through coaching and consulting we have helped individuals and teams from all levels of an organisation in their application from CEO, CFO & COO to the front line - always focussed on the clients needs and building the skills and good habits as we go.

Customer Testimonies


Stefanie N. Brown Hawkins Senior Business Partner Europe Finance

I really was reflecting on our conversation today especially the part where you asked about the three positive things that came out of my time in market. A big part of the difficult journey was that it did make me a better leader and a stronger leader but I didn’t get there alone. It was your selflessness to listen and time to help guide me that was a big influence in helping me realise I could make a difference so should stay to do just that. It helped me see things from a different perspective that I don’t always see. I don’t think sometimes we are the best in our company to tell people how much their contribution is appreciated so I want to make sure I say thank you for how much I appreciate your help. So thank you for taking the time to coach me on my journey and make me a better leader. Look forward to our next discussion (hopefully with good outputs from meeting with my Boss).  

Thanks again,


John Arthur Transformational Programme Lead

Richard has continued to provide hands on programme support to the Procurement organisation supporting their interventions on Performance management and a “Hot House” for idea generation.  This has been a significant challenge to maintain momentum given the Procurement reorganisation. Whilst they are a long way off their commitment, they are now much clearer on their delivery, tracking and interventions.

Within the PSCS team he has continued to act as coach and mentor to us all. He has been helping the Project Consultants with their Workstreams and ongoing personal development.  He is a sage individual who makes you challenge you thinking and assumption.  This support has been key to the strength and unity of the team which has performed extremely well this year.


Sylvine Barriere – Change Programme Consultant

You have absolutely been the strongest coach I have had in my company. The first thing that struck me is your very impressive listening skills, which in itself is over half of the support I benefited from. Every piece of guidance you gave me totally resonated with me and made a difference especially in terms of keeping my working practises in the top best practise quadrant when I was facing totally unprofessional behaviours. As you entirely embody what you advocate, it is easy to learn from you    

You have also been extremely strong on the education front: I have gained my ADI certification, and learned from you about developing a High Performing Team, which I am planning to replicate with my new team [minus the team mood score…as you know…] Finally, I would say that you have top-notch presentation skills. Keeping your audience focused is second nature for you.  

This is a really short description, which does not give justice to the numerous hours you spent supporting and guiding me. So to close it, I will refer back to the way you closed our first meeting: ‘On a scale from 1 to 10, how helpful has it been’ : I would say 20 ;o)

Thank you Richard ! 


Benjamin Teo – Business Intelligence Manager

You have been a great coach to the team and have provided weekly catch-ups to ensure that we are working on improving different aspects to increase our performance. Specifically, you have led a series of high performing team sessions and it has accelerated the team building process. You have encouraged and coached the team to complete the ADI course and 3 of us have since been qualified under your mentorship.

In a team setting, you have held up the mirror and played a role to balance advocacy and enquiry, challenging assumptions and also providing a framework for discussions to take place.

On an individual front, you have kept me accountable for improving my communication and presentation skills, and gave me practical advice to ask and receive feedback from stakeholders. Personally, you have also been my mentor on career-building especially on the transition back to Singapore.


Paul Woodham - PMO Lead

Richard is a fantastic coach – he listens intently to what I have to say and has asked open and challenging questions to draw the best out of me. He has encouraged me to be goal focused and measure commitments in my chosen areas of improvement. Results have been a step change in my effectiveness in a leadership capacity. He has also helped me to rationalise a number of my pre-convinced thoughts that have been barriers to my success. I feel I am now more thoughtful and awareness thanks to Richard’s personal approach! Thank you.” 


Faryal Ashraf - Senior Specialist Corporate Affairs

Richard is much more than a coach – he is a mentor. In addition to helping polish my skills as a Project Manager, he has given highly valuable advice as I discovered the scope of my newly developed, challenging role in a highly agile business.  He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to. He just doesn’t help you understand ‘5 Whys’, he uses them in every session so that I understand my core motivation behind approaching a task a certain way or entering a conversation from a particular reference point. 2018 has been a year of massive personal growth and lots of professional learning and achievements, and Richard has had a vital role to play in it. Thank you so much!

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